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Nature's fury is sometimes unforeseeable; causing extensive and costly damage to your vehicle due to hail. In the past, conventional body repair was your only option. Usually involving repainting, sanding, filler, etc., it would normally take weeks, even months, in expensive repairs. Fortunately, now you have another option...

Angelo Dent Removal Inc "Paintless Hail Damage Repair"

Before and After Projects

The Process:

Our technique pushes the metal back to its original form by working from behind the damage to remove dents, saving the vehicle's original finish and metal structure without paint or filler. This method can be used on virtually the entire surface of the vehicle, restoring it to a like new condition and saving you time and money.

The Advantages:

• Saves Original Factory Finish
• Any Make or Model
• Free Estimates
• Insurance Approved
• 100% Guaranteed
• Lifetime Warranty (Dents Will Never Come Back)
• Same Day Services in Most Cases
• Over 20 Years Experience